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Ketchikan Cruise Ship Fishing Charters

Ketchikan is a premiere cruise ship destination for many travelers heading to Alaska. Charter fishing is one of it’s most popular excursions because of its close proximity to excellent salmon and halibut fishing. It is our goal to make fishing in Ketchikan the highlight of your cruise ship vacation. Step off your cruise ship, onto our boat, and in minutes you are on your way to some of the best salmon fishing in Ketchikan and all of Alaska. We also have great halibut fishing, as well as fishing for a variety of rock fish and other bottom dwellers. Salty Sea Charters is committed to providing our cruise ship guests with an unforgettable Ketchikan fishing charter experience.

Ketchikan Fishing Excursions

Shipping your catch home is a great way to take part of your Ketchikan fishing experience home with you. After your fishing excursion, we will take your fish to the processor. The processor will filet, vacuum pack, and flash freeze your catch. The fish will be placed in a freezer box and be shipped overnight on the day you specify. If you do not want to ship your fish home, we will be happy to catch and realease.

Salty Sea Charters offers a variety of salmon and halibut fishing charters designed to accommodate your fishing desires and cruise ship schedule. The four and six hour fishing charters are the most popluar, however, we do offer an eight hour fishing charter for those whose cruise ship itinerary allows it.

Fishing with us will allow you to get the most out of your time while in Ketchikan. We meet our guests down at their cruise ship and from there it is a short walk to our fishing vessel where you can purchase your Alaska fishing licenses and if the king salmon are biting, you will want to purchase a king salmon stamp.

Once we are underway, the running time is typically very minimal to the fishing grounds. You will have plenty of time to catch a feisty Alaska salmon or hook a powerful Alaska halibut. Salty Sea Charters provides everything you will need to make your Ketchikan, Alaska fishing experience memorable!

Whether you are a novice fisherman or a seasoned angler, we have a fishing charter to make your Ketchikan, Alaska fishing experience a great one!


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